this is just for fun.
 still photography of the hardworking crew behind the scenes on some of the amazing sets I get to be apart of. 
all on film all the time. 
bogus photos from a mediocre life. 
Vans Nu Stool campaign. Joshua Gordon photographing Bella poarch. 
Los Angeles, 2024
director of photography, Massimo legittimo on the set of the LAFC music video. seen here inspecting the functions of a lens. 
Long Beach, 2024
an amazing New Orleans based photographer James French on the set of a tequila spot. 
Beverly Hills, 2024
Dylan, a talented Los Angeles based steadicam op soaking in the coolness of low mode. 
Long Beach, 2024
director of photography, Jacques Lorch on the set of his short film "Marry Mary". steps into an art Dept roll to make some fake joints for a late night buddy talk scene. 
this film went on to play at the Beverly Hills film festival. 
dj setting up some Arri sky panels in Brentwood for a "ted lasso" red carpet premiere. 
a native angeleno seen here by the name of Kevin chacon getting a tan in the hot agua dulce desert one summer while filming for awolnation. 

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